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Kid's and Adult Reiki 1 Learn to Self Heal

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Just like adults, kids can have very overwhelming days! If not more! They experience so much throughout their daily lives and absorb an extreme amount of information and energies from their surroundings, that it's no wonder they sometimes have a hard time relaxing their little brains and going to sleep or focusing on what's infront of them. With Reiki 1, kids will learn how to self regulate using the life force energy we all have available to us! We just have to learn to access it! Starting young is very important because this is when our brains are most susceptible to outside influence, and we need to learn how to not let the outer world affect our inner world. Many of us adults today struggle with self regulation of our emotions because we were taught to hide them. This is not what we will be doing here. Here we learn how to heal, while expressing any emotion we feel.

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