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A Working Mom

This is going to be an off topic blog. Kind of. As many of you know, I'm a single mom of two absolutely wonderful boys, aged 2.5 and 4.5. I started my business, this beautiful crystal business, not only because I love the beauty of them and learning the metaphysical properties of them all, but because I wanted a way to be able to support my children, without missing out too many of their major milestones.

With being a single parent that mainly earns their income from live sales, comes the struggles of scheduling timing, finding quiet time to be able to do lives, as well as, finding time to sleep and take care of me and my children, as a one man band. It can get tough. I don't hide that fact.

Some of you have seen me at my worst. And many have seen me at my best. The fact that WE, as in you and I, have created such a safe place where we can be ourselves, without judgements, is amazing.

Some days come with their own struggles. Today, my adhd got the best of me and I didn't manage to go live when I did have the time, as my brain chose to focus... HYPERFOCUS on cleaning my house and reorganizing it.

And now, my youngest is running around ramped, destroying every corner of the house I cleaned, while I just sit and watch because I'm just too tired.

So I guess what I'm getting at with this post, is that as a single parent, I can't always be live to do sales, I built this website in hopes that it would be as successful as the live sales. To lessen the stress and anxiety of going live. (I go through huge anxiety bursts before every live whether it's a sale or to hang out)

To those of you that read this far... Thank you. And I hope you understand that I love you whether you're buying from me or not. You matter.

Love and light

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