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Weekend Getaway

It's important to treat yourself once in awhile. After all, you take care of everyone else all the time! Making sure they are happy and healthy, and have everything they need. You forget about yourself. A lot. So a weekend getaway to one of your bucket list destinations could be just the thing you need.

If you're like me, you'll want to bring your favorite deck(s), some books on spirituality and personal growth, snacks (and lots of 'em)...maybe some 420? MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH LEGALITY IN THE AREA YOU PLAN TO TRAVEL TO. And don't forget a camera!! You'll want a lasting memory of the best parts of this trip.

Remember that at times you'll be met with struggles. Who doesn't when they're in a strange place? Don't let these times be the thing that ruins your getaway. Breathe, you will get through it. If you're lost, you will find your way. But just remember the most important thing..breathe. Listen to your inner voice. That's your guides. Breathe.

Now, find a quiet place, somewhere in nature to meditate or just connect with mother Gaia. Earth. Hug a tree, lean against it, walk barefoot. Do whatever it is that will ground you and connect you most.

Next, pamper yourself. Run a hot bubble bath with candle light. Put on some relaxing music and take that moment in for as long as you can, because it's not going to last forever. If baths aren't your thing, take some extra time in the shower in dim lighting.

Take time to read one of those books your brought with you. You will feel 10 times accomplished once you've finished a book in just 2 sittings because you had zero interruptions other than sleep.

Speaking of sleep... sleep till your hearts content. But give yourself at least a full 8 hours each night of this getaway. You will thank yourself for it when real life hits you like a tonne of bricks the second you walk through that door back home. You'll miss it, but you will thank yourself for the little bit that you did get.

Try something new!! Don't be afraid to, the little bit of adrenaline and serotonin when trying something new and exciting is amazing! Get out if your comfort zone for once. No one is judging you, but yourself. So...STOP IT!

Now go out and enjoy that getaway! Before life hands you a tonne of bricks to carry again.

Love and light

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