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ONE OF A KIND Tea With Venus(Aphrodite)

ONE OF A KIND Tea With Venus(Aphrodite)

This beautiful piece features an antique China Cup that I dropped while washing and it hit the faucet of the sink just at the perfect angle to create a "window" I immediately envisioned a garden inside that window. So I kept the cup.

6 months later, the Vision is now a reality!

Tea With Venus (also known as Aphrodite)

Is a special, one of a kind, piece of art that any collector of art, crystals or teacups would love!

Featuring 15 lemurian quartz points, 1 freshwater pearl, 1 Ethiopian Opal, a gorgeous titanium mystic aura quartz cluster and a fluorite Aphrodite body as the main attraction! I've also added some glow in the dark powder to help bring the landscape to life with "aurora borealis" Luke light when it gets dark, or under UV light

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    C$112.00Sale Price
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