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The Spell Garden

The Spell Garden

This is a FUNCTIONAL spell! Not only have I infused it with Love and Light, but I've worked a beautiful Manifesting your intentions Spell of My own into it as a beautiful Garden.

Within your Manifesting Garden you have Natural Moss that brings in grounding energy of earth, rose buds to give love to you while you Meditate with this Garden and envision your manifestation as reality and FEEL it. Pink Himalayan and Sea salts for cleansing and protection, 2 Dried Lemon slices to remind you that when life gives you lemons.. you can always make lemonade, as well as they add balance and healing energy to the spell, Cinnamon for protection and of course the main feature being the Large Garden Quartz Generator in the center.

Garden Quartz is a great tool for Manifesting as well as grounding and protecting. It is a MUST HAVE for any collector, let alone practicing spiritualist.

The added lights are for the "Light" part of Love and Light. They can be put on a timer to save batteries, and they glow a beautiful soft ambient light.

This makes a great night stand feature for anyone's room that is practicing!

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