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What's the Big Deal about the Full Moon Eclipse?!

Many of us have already started feeling the effects of Mercury's Retrograde that started yesterday, but what we may not realize is that the upcoming eclipse on the evening of 15th into early morning on the 16th, is amplifying this energy.

If you've been feeling emotional, feeling like major changes are happening, or needing to happen, if you're started to let go of people, places and things that no longer are serving you...this is the full moon eclipse energy at work.

The full Lunar eclipse is going to bring up emotions and unconscious shadow work that may need to be focused on. This is why it's a good time to pull out your journals, shadow books, or whatever else you use to release anything you need to release.

Focus on any things or even people that you may need to let go of, get a clearer perspective of your surroundings, and reconnect with your higher self by grounding yourself and tuning in with nature.

Make sure to protect yourself. Meditate and surround yourself with a white light of protection and love. And get in tune with yourself; mond, body and spirit. Let go of that which doesn't serve you and focus on love and light.


This ritual requires four pieces of black tourmaline, a feather and an incense you can burn such as palo santo, sage, lavender, mugwort or frankincense. It will help to release any yucky energy trapped in your home that may have been leftover from previous houseguests, or even the last time you were in a bad mood. This ritual is best performed on the Full Moon. 1.First, light up your smudge stick. Once it is releasing a healthy amount of smoke, start from one room in your house and walk past every wall, allowing the smoke to waft into each area. Use your feather to direct the smoke, and be sure to pay special attention to windows and doors.

2.While you are directing the smoke, say out loud: “All that does not belong here, leave now. Thank you.”

3.Repeat throughout every room in the house.

4. Once you have smudged every room, smudge your body. Start from your head, using the feather to direct the smoke. End by lifting up each foot to get the bottoms of your feet.

5. Next, get your black tourmaline ready by allowing the smoke to penetrate each piece. Once your tourmaline is good and clean, you can put your smudge stick out.

6.Place your black tourmaline in the four corners of your home, thereby creating a giant crystal grid. Try to place them as symmetrically as possible.

7.Once they are placed, ask the universe to protect the energy of your home and block anything not aligned with your higher purpose from entering.

8. That’s it! You’ve successfully used the eclipse energy to enhance this cleansing and grid-setting ritual.

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